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The provision of penalties in Oregon criminal cases can depend on a number of statutes, regulations and court rules. It is difficult, even for a attorney, to pick up all the appropriate rules from scratch just by examining the ORS. It is a good idea to consult a reference book to help you get oriented to Oregon's sentencing laws and rules. 

HeinOnline publishes a regularly updated comparative list of various state statutes National Survey of State Laws. This books gives a very brief overview of the laws on a particular topic from state to state. This book helpfully gives citations to Oregon State statutes which you can look up these citations on the Legislature's website. You can find this physical or online book in our library or at your local county law library.

However other considerations than the statutes can affect the actual sentence in a particular case. A good place to start  more in depth research into sentencing is in a Oregon State Bar publication called Criminal Law. In particular this publication discusses misdemeanor sentencing in chapter 23 and Felony sentencing in chapter 22. You can find this book at our library or at your local law library

When reading about felony sentencing you may come across reference to the Oregon sentencing guidelines grid. This grid is used to determine sentencing ranges in Oregon felony cases. You can find a copy of this grid near the bottom of the Criminal Justice Commission's website

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