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As Law Librarians we can't answer questions about your specific situation, however we can direct you towards resources that will help your legal research. For legal advice you may want to contact the Oregon State Bar Lawyer Referral Service.  The first in-office consultation with an attorney referred through this service is $35 or less.  More information is available online at 

You can find the entire Oregon Revised Statutes on the Oregon Legislature's website. This site allows you to find portions of the Statute by browsing the table of contents or by searching the text of the statutes. It is often a good idea to browse the table of contents first.

When searching the statute, like in any research, it it important to look for your question using related words and phrases. For example if you search the statute for "Time Limitations" you will find ORS 131.125 which lists several time limitations on criminal prosecutions.

You might also consult this privately maintained web page that lists the various statutes of limitations and gives citations to the ORS. As with all legal information, and particularly privately provided information, you should check the cites to make sure they are still good law before relying on them. Laws change, sometimes quickly, and the reference may no longer be up to date.

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